Category: women artists

Augusta Lebaron-Desves (French, 19th century): Le Marchand de coco (1843) (via Paris Musées)

From the museum website (translation mine):

Coco was a cold drink made by macerating liquorice in water with lemon. Very popular throughout the 19th century, it was sold in the streets of Paris by itinerant merchants who carried metal fountains on their backs; they served it in goblets tied to their waists.

Louise Marie Jeanne Hersent (French, 1784 – 1862): Portrait of monsieur Arachequesne (1830) (via Paris Musées)

Adèle-Anaïs Colin (French, 1822 – 1899): Portrait of an actress, thought to be Mme Volnys (c. 1835) (via Paris Musées)

Laure Brouardel (French, 1852 – 1935): Portrait of Dr. Adrien Proust (1834-1903), Marcel Proust’s father (1891) (via Paris Musées)

Julia Beck (Swedish, 1853 – 1935): Water reflections (1925) (via Stockholms Auktionsverk)

Thekla Schultz (Swedish, 1848 – 1937): City motif with tram – Gothenburg (via Uppsala Auktionskammare)

Virginie Demont-Breton (French, 1859 – 1935): Dans l’air pur (via Paris Musées)

Mary DeNeale Morgan (American, 1868 – 1948): Carmel Valley Ranch (via Bonhams)

Ida Törnström (Swedish, 1862 – 1949): Village road, Portugal (1890) (via Uppsala Auktionskammare)

Georgina de l’Aubinière (English, 1848 – 1930): Summer evening (via Uppsala Auktionskammare)