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Julia Beck (Swedish, 1853 – 1935): Water reflections (1925) (via Stockholms Auktionsverk)

Thekla Schultz (Swedish, 1848 – 1937): City motif with tram – Gothenburg (via Uppsala Auktionskammare)

Virginie Demont-Breton (French, 1859 – 1935): Dans l’air pur (via Paris Musées)

Mary DeNeale Morgan (American, 1868 – 1948): Carmel Valley Ranch (via Bonhams)

Georgina de l’Aubinière (English, 1848 – 1930): Summer evening (via Uppsala Auktionskammare)

Emily Carr (Canadian, 1871 – 1945): Four Children in a Breton Cottage (1911) (via National Gallery of Canada)

Elizabeth S. Nutt (British / Canadian, 1870 – 1946): The Northwest Arm, Halifax (1926) (via National Gallery of Canada)

Jeanne-Magdeleine Favier (French, 1863 – 1904): Portrait of Marie-Louise Cognacq, née Jay (1903) (via Paris Musées)

Pegi Nicol MacLeod (Canadian, 1904 – 1949): A Descent of Lilies (1935) (via National Gallery of Canada)


In the wake of the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Arts Movement in the 60s and 70s, Dindga McCannon became one of the founding members of the Where We At collective, formed in response to the marginalization of Black women artists in the larger art world, and who subsequently organized one of the first exhibitions on Black women artists in “Where We At: Black Women Artists, 1971.” 

McCannon wrote about her inspiration for making the vibrant Revolutionary Sister stating, “In the 60’s and 70’s, we didn’t have many women warriors (that we were aware of) so I created my own […] I used a lot of the liberation colors: red—for the blood we shed; green—for the Motherland—Africa; and black—for the people.” 

See McCannon’s Revolutionary Sister on view in Out of Place: A Feminist Look at the Collection all Black History Month and through September 13.

Author: Jenée-Daria Strand
Dindga McCannon (American, born 1947). Revolutionary Sister, 1971. Mixed media construction on wood. Brooklyn Museum, Gift of R.M. Atwater, Anna Wolfrom Dove, Alice Fiebiger, Joseph Fiebiger, Belle Campbell Harriss, and Emma L. Hyde, by exchange, Designated Purchase Fund, Mary Smith Dorward Fund, Dick S. Ramsay Fund, and Carll H. de Silver Fund, 2012.80.32. © artist or artist’s estate