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Hans Vandekerckhove (Belgian, b. 1957), Brexit Trees 1, 2016. Oil on canvas, 120 × 150 cm.

Brexit ( a portmanteau of “British” and “exit”) is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU). Following a referendum held on 23 June 2016 in which 51.9 percent of those voting supported leaving the EU, the Government invoked Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, starting a two-year process which was due to conclude with the UK’s exit on 29 March 2019. That deadline has since been extended to 31 October 2019.

Hans Vandekerckhove (Kortrijk, 12 October 1957) is a Flemish visual artist living in Ghent.

Jacob van Strij – Landscape with trees and cattle, Dordrecht in the background

Jacob van Strij (2 October 1756 – 4 February 1815) was Dutch painter, printmaker, and draftsman who was mainly interested in landscape painting, including mountain landscapes, winter landscapes and marines.

Lucien-Victor Guirand de Scévola – Le bassin d’amour – 1901

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Peder Mønsted – Fishing from a punt – 1910

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Isaac Levitan – Birch Forest – 1885

Winslow Homer – Girl with Hay Rake – 1878

Winslow Homer – Apple Picking – 1878

Gustaf Fjæstad – Winter landscape – 1923

Peter Doig – Concrete Cabin II – 1992


Hippolyte Boulenger

Hippolyte Emmanuel Boulenger (1837–1874) was a Belgian landscape painter influenced by the French Barbizon school, considered to be “the Belgian Corot”.