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Rachel Ruysch (Dutch, 1664 – 1750): A still life of roses, a tulip, hyacinths, morning glories and other flowers in a vase, resting on a stone ledge (via Sotheby’s)

Cora Smalley Brooks (American, 1885 – 1930): Tribute Silk of the Manchus (via Aspire Auctions)

Alida Withoos (Dutch, c. 1670 – 1715): Tulips, chrysanthemums, honeysuckle, convolvulus and other flowers (via Bonhams)

Vera Rockline (Russian / French, 1896 – 1934): Nature morte au bouquet et au paravent (via Christie’s)

Rachel Ruysch (Dutch, 1664 – 1750): Still life of flowers in a glass vase on a marble ledge (1745) (via Sotheby’s)

Alice Brown Chittenden (American, 1859 – 1944): A still life with roses and lilac (via Bonhams)

Sigrid Hjertén (Swedish, 1885 – 1948): Still life with flowers (via Bukowskis)


Still Life with Courgettes by Petrus van Schendel (Dutch, 1806–1870)

Petrus Van Schendel (1806-1870) was a Dutch-Belgian genre painter in the Romantic style who specialized in nighttime scenes, lit by lamps or candles. This led to him being known as “Monsieur Chandelle”.

Rachel Ruysch (Dutch, 1664 – 1750): Vase with flowers (via Wikimedia Commons)

Margherita Caffi (Italian, 1650 – 1710): Still life with flowers and fruit (via Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien)