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Antonietta Brandeis (Czech, 1848 – 1926): …

Antonietta Brandeis (Czech, 1848 – 1926):

two different views of the Grand Canal in the direction of Santa Maria della Salute

huariqueje: Viewmasters    –    Hans Vandekerc…


Viewmasters    –    Hans Vandekerckhove, 2003.

Belgian b.1957-

Oil on canvas,190 x 190 cm.

Hans Vandekerckhove (Kortrijk, 12 October 1957) is a Flemish visual artist living in Ghent.

He focuses on motifs with deep-rooted tradition from Western visual arts: the Rückenfigur, the gardener, the garden and the horticulture, greenhouses, bridges and related architectural motifs, the Hieronymus motif, the girl figure, the romantic landscape, the totem animal, the sacra conversation and announcement motive. He is a romantic and individualist who in his work evolved from a neo-expressionist style (early 1980s) to an almost abstract image inspired by alchemical motifs (1990s) and then, from 1998, to return to the figurative and substantive themes, namely. of the pictorial relationship between motif and background and people and environment. Vandekerckhove’s paintings are contemplative, ascetic works that cause a certain unrest and at the same time are attractive, without falling into the alienation of surrealism. As a person and as an artist, he has a strong relationship with nature and tries to tell a story about it as a visual poet.
In June 2007 the first book with paintings from the period 1998-2006 was published by publishing house Ludion (ISBN 978 90 5544 666 7). The author is Dieter Roelstraete, art philosopher and curator at the MuHka.

The book is titled My head is my only home, an indirect reference to a song by Captain Beefheart.

Picture Palace will be published by Lannoo Publishers in 2009 (ISBN 978 90 209 8362 3). The authors are artist Pjeroo Roobjee and Paul Depondt.

The experimental film and video filmmaker Svend Thomsen, founder of Artcinema OFFOFF, turns Picture Palace into a documentary.

Blanche Hoschedé-Monet (French, 1865 – 1947): …

Blanche Hoschedé-Monet (French, 1865 – 1947): Apple trees in bloom (via Millon)


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Sarah Robertson (Canadian, 1891 – 1948): Sulpi…

Sarah Robertson (Canadian, 1891 – 1948): Sulpician Gardens (via National Gallery of Canada)

Antonietta Brandeis (Czech, 1848 – 1926): Veni…

Antonietta Brandeis (Czech, 1848 – 1926): Venice, View of the Riva degli Schiavoni (via Dorotheum)

“Monjitas hacia José Miguel de la Barr…

“Monjitas hacia José Miguel de la Barra” Óleo sobre cartón entelado 30/25, 2019  


Some more recents. Still working on that portrait

Mary DeNeale Morgan (American, 1868 – 1948): C…

Mary DeNeale Morgan (American, 1868 – 1948): California coast (via Bonhams)


Recently went to Europe (Spain and France) and Australia. I’m just so in love with those places. Please enjoy some paintings from both places. Last image is a concept for a story in trying to make