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happy anniversary to stephanie @windfallisland and matt @tramampoline ! 💜

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Johan Herman Isings, War Council before the Four Days’ Battle

Johan Herman Isings (Amsterdam, 31 July 1884 – Soest, 19 August 1977) was a Dutch draftsman and illustrator. He also worked as a bookband designer for various publishers.

Herman Isings was the son of Johan Herman Isings and Alida Timmerman. On February 18, 1909, he married Clasina Elisabeth Maria van den Dungen. Their three children all died at a young age. After his wife died in 1916 on t.b.c. remarried Isings with Eilisabeth Helena Petronella Niesten, a daughter of painter P.J. Niesten. Three children were born at this marriage.

Isings is known for its historic watercolors, including 43 school panels that he made between 1910 and 1970, in which highlights from history are shown in detail. He has also illustrated hundreds of books, study books, children’s books, novels and bibles for children and young people. He was a teacher of, among others, the illustrators Henk Poeder and E.J. Veenendaal. Isings is considered one of the most important history painters in the Netherlands.

The chalkboard that he made for Wolters-Noordhoff are The Norsemen for Dorestad, The wintering on Nova Zembla and De Rijksdag in Worms. In addition, Isings supplied illustrations for children’s books by W.G. van de Hulst sr. and Willem de Mérode.

In 1974 a video was made about him that was shown in the VPRO television program Het Gat in the Netherlands because both Jan Blokker and the editor-in-chief Hans Keller and the maker Theo Uittenbogaard were fascinated by the pictorial power of his school registrations. In 1976 the EO sent out a longer portrait of him with an extensive interview by Jan A. Niemeijer.

Isings lived almost all his life in the house d ‘Ascent, when inhabited by his daughter Ina Isings.

Edward Bawden – 1949

Edward Bawden – 1949

Fred Taylor Bridlington

Fred Taylor Bridlington

weak, angular, swollen, bottle

weak, angular, swollen, bottle

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inktober days 11-14: cruel, whale, guarded, and clock