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Julie Delance-Feurgard (French, 1859 – 1892): The piano lesson (via Sotheby’s)

Attributed to Jean-Baptiste
Santerre (French, 1651 – 1717): Portrait of the Woman Artist Geneviève Blanchot (via The State Hermitage Museum)

I don’t normally post portraits of female painters by male counterparts but this is about all I could find about Geneviève Blanchot. If anyone knows more about her you’re very welcome to share!

Louise Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun (French, 1755 – 1842): Portrait of Countess Samoilova with Her Two Children (1797) (via The State Hermitage Museum)

Marguerite Gérard (French, 1761 – 1837): Artist Painting a Portrait of a Musician (before 1803) (via The State Hermitage Museum)

Séraphine Louis (French, 1864 – 1942): La Séraphine bleue (1930) (via Hamburger Kunsthalle)

Eugénie Tripier Lefranc (French, 1805 – 1872): Portrait of Mademoiselle Riviere (1834) (via The State Hermitage Museum)

Catherine Hélie Bonvoisin (French, 1788 – after 1838): Portrait of a national guard captain during the July Monarchy (c. 1840) (via Paris Musées)

Marguerite Gérard (French, 1761 – 1837): First steps (c. 1788) (via The State Hermitage Museum)