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Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema (English, 1852 – 1909): A child reading (via Bonhams)

I came to the conclusion that no self-portrait by a woman could be taken for granted. Whether it was ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘powerful’ seemed of less interest than the fact that a female face signals a radical departure from the norm and is therefore enough to stop the image being read in the same way that a male self-portrait is.

Agnes Goodsir (Australian, 1864 – 1939): Woman reading (c. 1915) (via National Gallery of Victoria)

Edith Hayllar (British, 1860 – 1948): A cozy corner (1897) (via Sotheby’s)


Still Life with Books   –    Bart Peizel , 1933


oil on canvas, 60,1 x 80,5 x 2,3 cm

Bartele (Bart) Peizel (Veendam, 6 August 1887 – Amsterdam, 9 February 1974) was a Dutch painter. He painted cityscapes, landscapes, still lifes and especially portraits. His style was fairly traditional.

Lavinia Fontana (Italian, 1552 – 1614): Portrait of a lady wearing a ruff, holding a book in her left hand (via Dorotheum)

Margaret Hickson (British, 19th-20th century): Girl reading (via Uppsala Auktionskamarre)


Watching the Prey, Henriëtte Ronner-Knip

Henriëtte Ronner-Knip (31 May 1821, Amsterdam – 28 February 1909, Ixelles) was a Dutch-Belgian artist in the Romantic style who is best known for her animal paintings; especially cats.

Camilla Friedländer von Malheim (Austrian, 1856 – 1928): Still Life (via Düsseldofrer Auktionshaus)

Lilla Cabot Perry (American, 1848 – 1933): Girl reading a book (via Sotheby’s)