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An ongoing painting 🌴🥀🛹🌎🃏

By: Artmakr

“A Discovery”

“Houston, we have a problem.”

by:  Artmakr


by:  Artmakr

“It was the best of times”  🌊

By: Artmakr

So here’s my first ever fully digital piece. I hope you like it. 💀 🥀 🚬

Just got a drawing tablet so I whipped up a little something. 📺

by:  Artmakr

“All The Time” 

by:  Artmakr

New Beginnings  

💀 🌺.

by:  Artmakr 

“From a lover…For a Lover” 


by: Artmakr | “Jared”