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Coasters and paintings. New gumroad coming soon

Some recent oils, digi, and gouache paints. Showing at nucleus this Saturday, November 2nd with the warrior painters! Be sure to come and check it out

Also, I love the joker. Great movie

A illustration dedicated to coco, who just went through another round of surgeries. Also some bee gouache paintings!

Small digi studies done on my iPad

Digi stuff 2nd image done on my iPad

Some recents

Some more stuff

Some more recents. Still working on that portrait

Recently went to Europe (Spain and France) and Australia. I’m just so in love with those places. Please enjoy some paintings from both places. Last image is a concept for a story in trying to make

Some new concept stuff and paint stuff! Line art colored is for a demo I’m prepping. Hope you enjoy

It’s been a while. Here’s something new I’m working on. 🌿💫