Category: abstract art


Born in Havana, Cuba, Carmen Herrera moved between France and Cuba throughout the 1930s and 1940s, before settling in New York in 1954, where she continues to live and work. “Beacon II” displays her immense skill at creating striking compositions through the calculated use of contrasting colors and shapes. Bright red triangles cut across the canvas horizontally and vertically, creating an expansive horizon line that recalls a burst of light. 

 “Beacon II,” 2016, by Carmen Herrera (Promised gift of Glenn and Amanda Fuhrman)


Grace DeGennaro (American, b.1956)


Dimensional Swirls Appear to Lift Off the Canvases of Painter Dragica Carlin


Bridget Riley BRIGHT SHADE 1985

Sarah Robertson (Canadian, 1891 – 1948): Abstraction (via Candian Art Group)

Liubov Popova (Russian, 1889 – 1924): Architectural composition III (1915) (via Bukowskis)

“Tear Down Walls, Bury Em With Crops, Shackle ICE & BP, Yeehaw!” (acrylic on canvas 26 x 38 inches)


Autumn, Yayoi Kusama, 1952

pastel and ink on paper

“Builders, Salt, Bread” (acrylic on canvas 11 x 14 inches)

Liubov Popova (Russian, 1889 – 1924): Architectural composition II (1915) (via Bukowskis)