Author: Women Painters

Louise Marie Jeanne Hersent (French, 1784 – 1862): Portrait of monsieur Arachequesne (1830) (via Paris Musées)

Adèle-Anaïs Colin (French, 1822 – 1899): Portrait of an actress, thought to be Mme Volnys (c. 1835) (via Paris Musées)

Laure Brouardel (French, 1852 – 1935): Portrait of Dr. Adrien Proust (1834-1903), Marcel Proust’s father (1891) (via Paris Musées)

Hello ! I don't know if I will be the only one who thinks they had an affair. What do you think about the relationship about Berthe morisot and Edouard manet? Thank you .

That is waaaaay out of my wheelhouse but maybe followers have a take on this?

Julia Beck (Swedish, 1853 – 1935): Water reflections (1925) (via Stockholms Auktionsverk)

Thekla Schultz (Swedish, 1848 – 1937): City motif with tram – Gothenburg (via Uppsala Auktionskammare)

Virginie Demont-Breton (French, 1859 – 1935): Dans l’air pur (via Paris Musées)

Mary DeNeale Morgan (American, 1868 – 1948): Carmel Valley Ranch (via Bonhams)


Octopus, 150×150 cm, acrylic, glitter, canvas.

Ida Törnström (Swedish, 1862 – 1949): Village road, Portugal (1890) (via Uppsala Auktionskammare)