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Woman Reading. Rik Wouters (Fauvism, Belgian, 1882-1916).

Wouters, a painter, sculptor, draughtsman and printmaker, became a pupil at the Academie des Beaux-Arts. There he met Hélène Duerinckx (Nel) who was to become his wife and favourite model.

Wouters focused on studies of light. He chose to depict interiors and stillifes, painted with a spatula and showing an abundant use of colour laid down on cardboard. In 1911 Wouters changed his style, abandoning the use of the spatula and opting for the brush. In order to obtain a maximum of transparency the painter diluted his colours and used absorbing canvases. It resulted in a reduced scale of warm tones and a diminished brilliancy of colours.

The influence of impressionist painters was reflected in his own work where colours gained the illusion of shimmering light.