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Hi guys !
A little bit of “personal” advertising 🙂
I’m supervising the Light & Shadow department at The Spa Studios and we are looking for Light & Shadow Artists !

The SPA Studios is looking for Light and Shadow Artists to join us on this challenging and exciting project that is Klaus!

 Create and shape highlights and shadows on top of the animated character, to represent the light sources in the scene, and to enhance clarity and aesthetic of the frame.
 Animate these lighting elements with our unique software.
 Keep the consistency of form and style throughout animated scenes.

 Basic drawing and understanding of light, and how it affects three dimensional objects.
 Ability to interpret 2D stylized drawings and to propose their three-dimensional form through lighting.
 Written and spoken English is a must.
 No 3D is involved in the process. It doesn’t require any special technical skills. We use in-house software and provide training.

Who should apply:
 Animation and VFX school graduates
 Rotoscope artists
 Concept artists
 Clean-up artists
 Junior animators
 Anyone who believes they’re have the right sensibility and wants to start working in animation industry.
 Ability to relocate and right to work in Madrid a bonus

Apply: via Lighting

And here is the teaser of the film if you’re curious:

Hope you like it and if some of you are applying I can’t wait to work with you on this project ! 🙂

Have a great day !


Hi everyone,

Just a small reminder to tell you that I’m still looking for artists (from Europe) to work on Klaus 🙂
And here is a post from one of our Art directors to help you understand the part of the lighting artist in this movie:

Feel free to apply and have a beautiful day !