Photograph of Bart Peizel at work (1962)

Photograph of Bart Peizel at work (1962)

Bartele (Bart) Peizel (Veendam, 6 August 1887 – Amsterdam, 9 February 1974) was a Dutch painter. He painted cityscapes, landscapes, still lifes and especially portraits. His style was fairly traditional.
He was the son of teacher and journalist Kornelis Peizel. He worked for a short time in a bank in Almelo, but he wanted to become a painter and then took lessons at the Minerva Academy in Groningen. In 1910 he went to the Rijksnormaalschool voor Kunstnijverheid in Amsterdam, where he signed the MO-certificate (1913). In 1917 he married the painter Thérèse Ansingh (1883-1968), sister of Lizzy Ansingh, one of the so-called Joffers.

Through his marriage with Thérèse Ansingh in 1917, he ends up in the environment of the Amsterdam Joffers and he is soon introduced to the Amsterdam art world and to the circle of large businessmen who let himself be portrayed by him. He becomes a member of various artists’ associations in Amsterdam and The Hague. For 27 years he was chairman of the artists association Sint Lucas and made study trips to France, Spain, Italy and Algiers.

In Amsterdam he becomes a beloved portrait painter. Many professors, great industrialists, regents and regents are put on canvas by him, but Peizel was also a primeval conservative who often came into conflict with new art movements.

Bart Peizel was without a doubt a productive painter. He mainly painted many portraits. These portraits are characterized, among other things, by the great attention to detail, in which especially the hands are preferred because ‘the hand often expresses even more than the face expresses the essence of the depicted!’ A portrait painted by the social doctor Louis Heijermans is still in this family.

Anecdotal are the stories about his marriage. The marriage was not excellent by all kinds of escapades. Thérèse Ansingh, in turn, in order to make Peizel jealous, regularly sent bunches of flowers with cards with greetings from ‘strange men’ to her home address to defy Bart’s temper. On 9 February 1974 he died in relative loneliness in Amsterdam. Although he never moved again from 1917 onwards, contact with his birthplace remained; Over the years he painted several prominent Veendammers.

In the Veenkoloniaal Museum in Veendam, an exhibition was devoted to Peizel in 2007: Bart Peizel, Jonker between the Joffers.