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Young Girl Reading   –   Teixeira de Mattos, Joseph , 1928.

Dutch, 1892-1971

Pastel on coated paper , 24 x 30 cm.

Joseph Teixeira de Mattos (1892–1971), was a Dutch watercolor painter and pastellist who made drawings wherever he went. A large collection of his drawings is in the Teylers Museum.

Teixeira was born in Amsterdam, where he became a member of Arti et Amicitiae in 1934 and began drawing animals at Artis.

Arti et Amicitiae (lat .: Arts and friendships) is a Dutch artist’s society founded in 1839, and located on the Rokin in Amsterdam. The Society (also called Arti for short) has played a key role in the Netherlands art scene and in particular in the Amsterdam art schools. It was and is to this day a hub for artists and art lovers in the city of Amsterdam. It is a private institution which supports artists, maintains social networks and offers a pension fund. In recent times it has been one of the venues for the 17th edition of the Sonic Acts Festival.

Arti et Amicitiae is also the name of the building. The complex was merged from two separate buildings and given a white neo-classical facade by J. H. Leliman in 1855.