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Toon Kelder (Dutch, 1894-1973)

Self-portrait with top hat, N/D

Oil on canvas, 53×33 cm

Anthonius Bernardus (Toon) Kelder (Rotterdam, 24 November 1894 – The Hague, 7 April 1973) was a Dutch painter, draftsman and sculptor.

Toon Kelder followed his education at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and the Rotterdam Academy of Art. He was a pupil of Alexander Henri Robert van Maasdijk and Frederik Nachtweh. Until 1945 he painted, among other things, nudes and still lifes in the traditional style of the Hague School. After 1948 he switched drastically to abstract images and he also sculpted. He drew many portraits. Kelder is counted among the New Hague School and was a member of Pulchri Studio.

Pulchri Studio (Latin:“For the study of beauty”) is a Dutch art society, art institution and art studio based in The Hague (’s-Gravenhage), Netherlands.

This institute began in 1847 at the home of painter Lambertus Hardenberg. Since 1893 the club has its residence in the villa at Lange Voorhout 15 in The Hague, which is currently a brownish aubergine color. There are accepted as members artistically working members (painters, sculptors and photographers) and art lovers. The members will be selected from a given by the general committee.

An artist membership allows the artist to exhibit his own works in the galleries of the Company. These so-called sales exhibitions have passed since the founding of the association until today integral part of this institution! Art lovers have to be invited by other members. The association leases its properties even to nonmembers, too.