Willem Jacob Herreyns – Portrait of Jacques de…

Willem Jacob Herreyns – Portrait of Jacques de Bue, Jesuit and bollandist – 

The Bollandists or Bollandist Society (French: Société des Bollandistes) are an association of scholars, philologists, and historians (originally all Jesuits, but now including non-Jesuits) who since the early seventeenth century have studied hagiography and the cult of the saints in Christianity. Their most important publication has been the Acta Sanctorum (The Lives of the Saints). They are named after Jean Bolland or Bollandus (1596–1665).

Jean Bolland (Latin: Johannes Bollandus) (18 August 1596 – 12 September 1665) was a Jesuit priest and prominent Flemish hagiographer.

Bolland’s main achievement is the compilation of the first five volumes of the Lives of the Saints in Latin, called the Acta Sanctorum, a series which was continued by others, who, after his death, formed the Society of Bollandists.

Willem Jacob Herreyns (Antwerp, 10 June 1743 – Antwerp, 10 August 1827) was a Flemish painter of history subjects and portraits. He is regarded as one of the last painters in the tradition of the Flemish Baroque and the last follower of Peter Paul Rubens.