Domenicus Verwilt – Portrait of Svante Sture, …

Domenicus Verwilt – Portrait of Svante Sture, Swedish count executed for treason along with his sons in 1567 – c. 1550

Svante Stensson Sture or Svante Sture the Younger (born 1 May 1517 in Stockholm, d. 24 May 1567 in the Sture Murders at Uppsala Castle) was a Swedish count, riksmarsk and statesman. From 1562 to 1564, during the Livonian War, he was governor of Estonia.

The Sture Murders (Swedish: Sturemorden) in Uppsala, Sweden of 24 May 1567 were the murders of five incarcerated Swedish nobles by Erik XIV of Sweden, who at that time was in a state of serious mental disorder, and his guards. The nobles, among them three members of the influential Sture family, had been charged with conspiracy against the king and some were previously sentenced to death. Erik’s old tutor, who did not belong to this group, was also killed when he tried to calm the king after the initial murders.

Domenicus Verwilt (sometimes ver Wilt) was a Flemish painter active in Sweden in the 16th century.