Louis Crépin – Le Port/the port –

Louis Crépin – Le Port/the port

Louis Crépin (Fives at Lille, 24 February 1828 – Etterbeek, 17 July 1887) was a French-Belgian painter and sculptor.
His name was full Louis-Joseph-Désiré Crépin.

From 1842 to 1851 he followed a complete academic training with H. Van der Haert as a sculptor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels.

Later he lived in Etterbeek. Although he realized a few sculptures (exhibited in the Brussels salons of 1860 and 1863), he was mainly active as a decoration sculptor in connection with architectural realizations. He worked in that branch for a while with the French sculptor Cyprien Godebski, among others for the villa of the cello virtuoso Adrien-François Servais in Halle near Brussels.

Apparently he did not paint until 1863. He mainly painted landscapes from Brussels. Although he was self-taught as a painter, his canvases are of professional quality. His landscapes betray a plearistic approach. These are faces at Marly and Vilvoorde along the Canal to Willebroek, around the port of Brussels, at Halle, Auderghem, in the Sonian Forest (because of this he is also considered to belong to the School of Tervuren) and at Bosvoorde; Ostend and other coastal landscapes are witnesses of his holidays by the sea. His style evolved in the direction of impressionism. He thus made a transition between the School of Tervuren and Impressionism.

He belonged in the period 1868-1880 to the so-called artists’ colony of Anseremme, a meeting place for writers such as Emile Verhaeren and landscape painters such as Hippolyte Boulenger, Franz Binjé, Eugène Verdyen and also Félicien Rops. He was also a founding member of the Brussels art circle Société Libre des Beaux-Arts.

The studio sale after death continued on March 15, 1899 at the Galerie Fiévez in Brussels.