Edouard Huberti – Little Flossedelle, Four Arm…

Edouard Huberti – Little Flossedelle, Four Arms; Tervuren – 1837

 oil on cardboard, 34 x 23 cm, private property

The School of Tervuren was a group of painters that formed around Tervuren around 1870, around Hippolyte Boulenger. He was the strongest personality and he also gave the group its name. This first generation of this School, in imitation of the Barbizon School, is situated in landscape painting from the middle of the 19th century, a trend also called “square-airism”.

Just as with the French Barbizon, 30 years before, there was no question of a joint program, nor of any joint theory or process. They only had the will in common, to free themselves from too rigid academicism, to immerse themselves in nature and to manifest the freedom of the artist.

Edouard Jules Joseph Huberti (Brussels, 6 January 1818 – Schaerbeek, 12 June 1880) was a Belgian landscape painter and watercolorist. He is counted among the forerunners of the School of Tervuren.