Gerard de la Vallée – Mary as a temple virgin …

Gerard de la Vallée – Mary as a temple virgin – 

Gerard de la Vallée (1596/1597 – after 1667) was a Flemish painter of landscapes and history paintings. His work was inspired by the great Flemish masters and mainly produced for the export market.

Gerard de la Vallée was a landscape and history painter. His landscapes show the influence of Abraham Govaerts and of Jan Brueghel the Elder. A series of signed works by the artist is preserved in Bogotá.

Gerard de la Vallée’s works are often derived from, or inspired by, the works of the great masters of the Antwerp school. For instance in his Ecce Homo (At Jan de Maere), the figure of the Christ is inspired by Anthony van Dyck’s Ecce Homo in the Barber Institute of Fine Arts in Birmingham, England. The mining of images of other masters to create new works for the export market was a hallmark of the Forchondt workshop and is also evident in de la Vallée’s work. Another example is seen in the St Cecilia (At Hampel Kunstauktionen (Munchen) 4 July 2008, lot 223 as by Peeter Sion). The dancing cupids in this work appear to be based on the work King David’s Song of Praise to God by Peter de Witte (also known as Peter Candid) (a version in the Frans Hals Museum).

He collaborated with other painters. Collaborations with the figure painter Pieter van Avont are documented. An example is the Wooded Landscape with the Virgin, Christ Child and Saint John (At Lempertz on 21 May 2016, Cologne, Lot 1256).