Hello, I see Polish painters being welcomed on…

Hello, I see Polish painters being welcomed on your beautiful blog. Feels good to have some national art appreciated! If you fancy that, you may check out Ignacy Aleksander Gierymski, Stanisław Wyspiański and Henryk Siemiradzki, those three are the ones I like the most. Off-topic, I'm not sure if you've ever posted his art, but my all time favourite painter is Bernard Boutet de Monvel. I think his art matches your great blog. Peace

Hello ! 
Of course I’m interested in every kind of art, cultures or people. I think we can learn from everywhere and everyone 🙂

So thank you very much for your message and I will definitely check those names ! 

Hope you have a beautiful day !

Here is a painting I already posted from Bernard Boutet de Monvel 🙂

– Link to High resolution –